英语议论文120字 英语议论文范文


英语议论文120字 英语议论文范文


I went to the beach near our home with my friends last Sunday. It only took us twenty minutes to get there by bike. It was sunny and hot that day. There were thousands of people there. Some of them were swimming in the sea. Some of them were playing with the sand and others just walked on the beach. As soon as we got there, we put up sand casle and walked on the beach for about an hour. Then we went fishing on a boat. The waves and the white seagulls were very beautiful. Breathing the fresh sea air and looking at the blue sky we couldn't help thinking how wonderful it was. At noon we all felt hungry and we ate different kinds of sea food at a local restaurent. In the afternoon, we played swam in the sea happily. We didn't go home until five o'clock in the afternoon. Although we were tired, we felt happy.上周日我和朋友们去了离我家很近的海滩。我们骑自行车仅用了20分钟就到那了。那天天气晴朗很热。那里有成千上万的人。一些在海里游泳,一些在玩沙子,其他人在沙滩漫步。我们一到那就堆沙子城堡,并在沙滩走了大约一个小时。 然后我们乘船去打鱼。 海浪和白色的海鸥非常的漂亮。呼吸这新鲜的海空气,看着蔚蓝的天空,我们禁不住想多么棒的地方呀。 中午时我们感到饿了就在地方餐厅吃了各种的海鲜。 下午我们快乐地在海水里游泳。 我们下午5:00才回家。尽管我们很累,但我们感到很快乐。

一篇英语作文 120字

First of all, you should konw learning english is very hard ,you should have enough confidence .you can practise speaking english with you classmate.you should read more english articles.watching english movies also can improve your english .don't be shy to speak english in publish place.it can help you improve you english-feeling.listening english music can improve you english too.do more exercise .don't give up,you will learn english well.just keep it on!!



  Studying abroad 国外学习的利与弊


  In recent years, studying abroad has been popular in our country. More and more middle school students would like to go abroad through mediators. Is it good or bad to study abroad? In my opinion, on one hand, it has some advantages. Studying abroad can provide better studying conditions. People can make rapid progress in their foreign language study and it can also help widen their field of vision. Meanwhile, young students can learn advanced science and technology from foreign countries and spread cultures of different nations.

  On the other hand, it has disadvantages. For example, because of the lack of living experience and poor capability to take care of themselves, they may feel lonely and homesick. In addition, high living expenses and tuition fees will become a heavy burden upon their parents.

  So I think whether studying abroad or not should be decided according to oneself and one's family. It is not right to follow others. 范文二

  In recent years, studying abroad has been popular. More and more students leave their own country to go abroad for their further education. They say that they can develop better with advanced facilities and teaching methods in those modern schools. By communicating with foreign students or staying a long time with them, a profitable experience is available to them. By the time they come back home, they are supposed to have a great advantage over the students at home in many ways. I quite agree with what they say. But one fact I’d like to remind them of is that quite a number of overseas students stay abroad disappointed as they can’t obtain what they hope for, let alone success. When they are abroad, they are helpless and have to be independent, which is quite contrary to what it is at home. They lack independence; they can’t even tell right and wrong apart, and as a result some of them even commit crimes. Therefore, whether it is good or not to study abroad depends on the individual. So take more factors into careful consideration.


  popularity of the Chinese

  1. 世界上越来越多的人学习汉语,产生这种现象的原因。2. 你的看法

  More and more people are learning Chinese language. According to incomplete statistics, Confucius Institute around the world has reached more than 140, scattering more than 50 countries around the world and regions. The number of Chinese studying abroad has exceeded 30 million. At the same time China has received a total of nearly 40 million students from more than 150 countries and regions.

  This was mainly due to various reasons: First,With the gradual deepening of reform and opening up, the economy in China is booming. As a result, the Chinese culture appears in the world step by step. Second, our government continues to strengthen the circulation of Chinese culture. Third. with the rapid growth of Chinese economy, many foreigners believe it is China that is their future. Chinese language will play a very important role in the carrier. From the fact listed above, we can draw the conclusion that the number of people learning Chinese around the world is increasing.

  作文六 on computers

  1电脑用途越来越广泛 2电脑坏处3 我们应该怎么正确对待。

  Computers are well known by people around the world, especially young people. People in office use it to deal with the office work, students use computer to complete their essay. Many public services department build an computer-based system to serve people in public. As a result, computer is important for people.

  However, following with the benefits bring by the computer. there are some problems caused when people working depend on computers. First of all, the creativity of people will decrease when they using computer.

  the computer is a high technology product. Instead of creating, people can use the existed computer functions to complete their works. They will stop thinking. Secondly, the writing ability is affected when people using computer. With a computer, people no longer need to do hand writing. All works can be typed into computers and printed out. The writing ability will definitely affected because people give up writing.

  In conclusion, computers help people perform well during live, but there are still problems exist when people depend on computers. It is valuable if people positively finding a way to avoid those problems, and then the computer will reach the maximum usability


  The expansion of enrollment

  1大学扩招的优缺点 2我的看法

  Many colleges and universities have expanded their enrollment since 1998. The reasons for the expansion are as follows. Firstly, they want to keep up with the need of the job market to produce more qualified people to take up the jobs. Secondly, the expansion has entitled many high school graduates to the right of receiving higher education. Last but not least, it can raise the intellectual standards of our nation.

  However, studies show that the trend to expand has brought about many problems. For instance, the teaching facilities and accommodation capacities of many colleges and universities are limited and are unable to meet the demand of an ever-increasing number of the newly enrolled students. On the other hand, the average quality of the freshmen is declining. In the long run, hunting for a job will be a tough thing for the graduates and that will inevitably exert much pressure on the prospects of employment.

  In spite of all this, I am still confident that the expansion of enrollment is of great benefit to our society and is a good thing. With the development of our national economy, the problem as mentioned above will be solved if proper measures are taken.


  On the increasing numbers of travelers 或者Travels on Holidays in China

  Nowadays, more and more people like to travel in their holidays. The other day I read a report about the ways people spend their holidays. It is reported that in recent years several new holiday habits have been developed. Among them, the most interesting one is the growth of the so-called holiday camps.

  Why do so many people like traveling ? I think there are several reasons. First, with the rapid development of economy, people can afford to travel. Second, people prefer to pursue a high-quality and colorful life. Third, their attitudes to relaxation have changed. Less people want to save much money by leading a simple life. In short, people's living standard today has been rising greatly.


  Jobs for Graduates


  Job hunting has always been a headache for college students. Though many graduates are employed right after graduation, some are not. Most serious of all, some still have no idea where to go working even a long time after graduation.

  The reasons for this phenomenon are various. On the one hand, a few years ago colleges and universities enrolled many students in popular majors, such as economy, finance and so on. As a result, the number of graduates was greater than the need in the market. On the other hand, most graduates would rather stay in large cities without suitable job to do than go to the country.

  I reckon this problem can be solved if both colleges and students take measures. First, they should research the market and develop special skills to suit its need. Second, students’ attitude towards employment should be changed. They should go to small cities and country. There they can also give full play to their professional knowledge. To sum up, if we all pay much attention, the situation can be improved.

  作文十 Cyber Crimes


  2)应该如何来打击和预防网络犯罪越来越成为人们必须要解决的一个难题 3)作为大学生,你应该怎么做?

  With the popularization of the Internet, cyber crimes have become a serious problem facing us. Nowadays cyber criminals seem to be everywhere on the Internet. As a result, these crimes destroy network security greatly and make computer users suffer great losses。

  However, we shouldn’t tolerate these cyber criminals any more. It’s high time for us to take effective measures to fight against cyber crimes. First, we should reinforce the cyber laws to punish cyber criminals strictly. Moreover, we should develop high techniques as soon as possible to improve intrusion detection and prevent cyber crimes. Besides, more talented people should be trained and more effective firewalls should be built up so as to make the net immune to all kinds of viruses。

  As college students, we have responsibility to join the battle against cyber crimes. For one thing, we should not use others’ computers unless we get permission. For another, we should be honest to others on the Internet and not release or spread unreal information. In a word, it takes our common efforts to defeat cyber crimes。


英语作文 120字左右

Dear manager:

I'm so sorry to trouble you in such a busy time,but I do have some complainments about your restaurant.

Yesterday my parents and I had meals in your restaurant, we called a dish which was too salty to eat,and then we were not satisfied with this.However,the waiter there insisted on innocent about the dish and was unfriendly.We strongly appealed to cancel the dish and raise the qualities of the waiters there.We are looking forward to your dealing to this event.

Yours sincerely,XXX

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