my hero英文演讲稿 my hero英语作文写老师


my hero英文演讲稿 my hero英语作文写老师

英语演讲稿My Hero

My father is my hero. He is a Canadian. He left Canada and came to China in the 1930s to help the Chinese people to fight the war. He was very hard-working. He was a person who can sacrifice himself for his work. Once he was infected during an operation and died afterwards. He did a lot of contribution to the Chinese people. He is truly a hero in my eye.

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My father was my hero, all throughout my life.

  The father of eight children, he saw his share of strife1.

  When I was very little, he appeared to be so large.

  In my eyes he could do anything, we all knew he was in charge2.

  He was a man of great strength both physically and in mind,

  but in him there was a gentleness, he found ways to be outgoing3 and kind.

  Many days of childhood were greeted with a kiss,

  and songs to me as I awoke, those days I surely miss.

  He made me feel so special, "Miss America" he would sing.

  I knew I had my father’s love. It gave me courage to do most4 anything.

  From him I learned to stand up tall, to be proud of who I am.

  Strength and determination were the qualities of this fine man.

  As the years of his life dwindled down5, that strength kept him alive.

  Plus the unfailing determination to help my ailing6 mother have the care she needed to survive.

  He loved her and his children, so much he gave up years of his life

  caring for this woman, his soul mate, his wife.

  Day and night he struggled for years with her disease.

  A lesser man would have been brought down to his knees7.

  With illnesses of his own, he still stood by her side

  caring for her and loving her until the day she died.

  Twenty days later his own time was at an end.

  I lost my hero, my father, a man who was my friend.

  A few years have passed, and life just isn’t the same.

  But as Father’s Day approaches, I will celebrate8 his name.

  With prayers to him and God above to stay by my side,

  to watch over me and guide me, to look down on me with pride.

  For I am my father’s daughter, one day we will meet again.

  But until then I will remember, and the love will never end.
































I always think what qualities a hero or heroine should have? Good looks, a kind heart, a special talent? I my opinion, hero should have a special talent.

Someone thinks that Yang Liwei is a national hero, because he is the first Chinese astronaut. Someone thinks that Sun Yat-sen is a history hero, because he led 1911 revolution and founded the first Republic of China. Yes, they are right. But I thinks Kobe Bryant is a hero. He is a basketball player. And he is on Los Angeles Lakers Team. Maybe you say why you don’t think Yao Ming is a hero, and he is also a Chinese basketball player who has joined NBA. But I will tell you that Kobe Byrant plays basketball better than Yao Ming. And Kobe is also nice and friendly to his fans. He is the most successful American basketball player in NBA history. We always called him “basketball king” and “flyer”. Last year, he got 81 points in the game. It is unbelievable . He makes us crazy for him. I think he will win more honor in the future.Ialways believethat he is able to help his team to win the NBA champion. I love basketball, I love Kobe Byrant. He is the hero in my heart. And do you admire him?


My hero is Jay Chou .You maybe say that I am only a star's fans.No,you are wrong .In my heart ,my favourite is only Jay.He was born on 1979,jan.18th in Taiwan in China .His mother is an art teacher .She wanted to make him be good at art.But in fact,he is really good at music.When he was three years old,he could play the piano.And now ,he became a pop superstar in China.And he is very fantastic.He can play not only piano but also guitar ,cello and so on .And he is famous for his songs in China and some foreign countries.But someone said that he agreed an independce in Taiwan.I don't think so .Because if he agrees that ,he wouldn't write many songs about loving our motherland.There are many songs about loving our motherland,such as Woniu,Longquan and so on.And he is very quiet .We shouldn't make him do everything we like.No one is perfect.Anyway ,he is my hero forever.

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