开班会英语 关于开班会的英语作文



开班会英语 关于开班会的英语作文


have a class meeting


In classmeeting, the teacher in the comments on all week, from the aspects of students are put forward, and encourage you to praise. According to the problems in the class recently to discuss with my classmates solution. The teacher and student exchanges among the learning difficulties, the way of learning.



在班会上,老师在点评大家一周的表现、从各个方面都对同学们提出了表扬、并且鼓励大家继续努力 。针对最近班级里出现的问题与同学一起商讨解决办法。老师与学生之间交流了学习上的困难,学习的方法。


Recently, I had a discussiion with my classmates about how to learn English well.

Most of us agree that excercisement is the most important method, but I think we should learn English by a cute way instead of a hard one, so that we can learn it well quickly.

To sum up from my own experience, phonetic symbol(音标)is the most thing that English learner should master of, for which is the thing that we can recite new words quickly by. As for the hearing and speaking, we can improve them by listening English tapes whtever it talks about during cleaning or some sports.

The most stupid mothod is reading the same word again and again,it's useless and a wasting of time! English learning need to accumulate a lot and to understand a lot, but not to recite a lot.

In the other word, when you learn Chinese years ago, you needn't recite lots of words on purpose, but the fact is you know and be able to use many of them gradully during talking with other .

About study and how to study

If you want to improve your study ,you should have a high efficiency,then,i will gave you some advice。

If you want to have it,you should how to treat the study,play and rest。i think We shouldn‘t play all day like a bad boy,we can't study all day just like a bookworm,to be honest,it's so boring for many people to study,so we can't always study,wewillbemad,we must have a rest and play for fun,on the other hand,rest is good for our health,we shouln't ignore it,believe me,just do it,you will be successful。i used to studying in this way。

To sum up,just do with me。

关于班会的英语作文 100-200字的









教育难点:理解、认同老师职业所蕴藏的价值取向 ,例如奉献、敬业、爱等




一、 导入




遵守课堂纪律 向老师问好 理解老师 不要去触犯校纪校规

Appreciate to meet you

Not everything in the world could be liked by people, and so does man. Every person has the right to choose things.

Maybe I am not the love student in your heart, but you are just the right teacher on my mind, and I like you, yes I do!

I like the moment you talked to me, your strict looking, your loud sound, your earnest words, ...maybe the minute my feeling was bad, yes, not good, I promise, yet the latter success I got proved that your words were good for me...

I can't imagine my life without you-my lovely teacher, I appreciate the god, it's he that let me come across you, and make you teach me.

So I should give some words back to you: my teacher, you've had a long day, have a rest, and happy teachers' day.

National Teacher Day is always the Tuesday of the first full week of May. And it is always for our students to give our special thanks to our lovely teacher.

I still remember last year when I was feeling lost,down and out,I had no idea about about my life,my love,my study even doubt why I was here in the world.So then came so much wine ang smoke,I was tired,physical and mental.I even wanted to end my life just jumping from the top of our buliding.

Then my teacher came to me, she said she knew what I was afraid of, she aslo told me that's very common like many yong people of my age. She told me to call her anytime I need her help.I did so ,we often chat ems and made some phone call.I just can't remember when come the mirical.I have found myself now!!!

Another teacher's day,to all the teachers,to our parents.

It is Teachers’ Day on September 10th every year. Teachers are the greatest people in the world, I think, because they teach us how to write and read. The most important is that they teach us how to be a real man. They are also kind to everybody and they don’t want anyone to fall behind others. They always get on very well with their students, and they are our best friends. When students are in trouble, they can help them in time.’ I will be a teacher when I grow up.

Teachers’ Day comes on September 10th every year. On the day we usually give our teachers cards to show our thanks. I thank them for helping me when I am in trouble, and I thank them for teaching me how to be a real man.

Of course they are very friendly to everyone. They always get on very well with their students. They are not only our teachers but also our friends. They love us very much and we love them,too.


Our Class Meeting

  It's almost the end of our middle years. Last Friday afternoon, we had our last class meeting in our classroom. All the students and our class teacher took part in it.


  We held a warm discussion about our future life. Each of us spoke at the meeting actively. Besides, we also showed our sincere thanks to our teachers. They worked so hard to help us in study and life. Teachers hoped that we can still study hard in the future and come back to middle school often. After the discussion, we all decided to study hard as usual and hoped that we all can do well in the secondaryentrance exam.



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