蛋糕店英语作文 蛋糕店英语作文及翻译


蛋糕店英语作文 蛋糕店英语作文及翻译


Do bakery business,

  1, do you want on the local market have a clear understanding. To understand the needs of the consumer groups on the cake grades and varieties to determine your operating varieties.

  2, you want to run a similar local bakery businesses do a detailed research. Know that they are operating in what way? Their operations and effectiveness of how? Why do they do well? Why do they do well?

  3, for they have a correct assessment. What are the advantages you compared it to other businesses? A financial advantage? Is personal advantage? Management is the advantage? Advantage is a breed? Is the price advantage? Or service concepts are the advantages? If you do not have a little advantage, it is better not!

  4, careful accounting of costs. Your cake is a reference to the selling price and the selling price of the market acceptable price to develop others. Market selling price minus the purchase price you have is your gross profit, gross profit deduct your operating costs [rent, utilities, staff salaries, transportation and other services] is that you earn a fee. Math, if you can make money on the daring to do, if you can not make money, they continue to seize other opportunities based on local market conditions.

  5, it is recommended in the district, community or office buildings are concentrated around the shop is more suitable.

  6, it is recommended that you also associated with a number of food and cakes sold together, this will increase your operating characteristics and expand your customer base. For example: milk, beverages, chocolate, and some small snacks.

  7. If you have to store relatively large area, it is recommended that you can put one or two sets of tables and chairs, convenient snack for guests in the store.









作文cake house蛋糕店






peace conference(和平会议)

peaceful revolution(和平演变)





回到楼主的问题,在这里,cake指的是这家店卖什么东西,什么东西呢,cake,蛋糕,指类别,而不是去数有多少块。类似的,tea shop(茶馆),fruit market(水果市场),jewelry shop(珠宝店),grill house(烧烤店)。




  用蛋糕传达情意。 蛋糕店宣传语大全





Big good eight remember 大良八记

To know Hong Kong dessert, big good eight remember must make their mark. This shop history can be traced back to the 1940 s guangzhou, founded the per capita uncle was already in guangzhou have two dessert shop, because he is a great lover, shunde, in the home ranked eighth, so called big good eight remember. Later, in the 1950 s closing, come to Hong Kong to toss a few job, finally in the 80 s find a good partner, decided to restart the industry, big good eight remember signs to rescue dawn. Now it has become of the old Hong Kong, kelly and cardinal signs very grab an eye, the environment clean and bright, in addition to the locals outside, also deeply welcome Japanese tourists.

One of the distinctive features of old, is JingGui food choices, so the dessert is only ten paragraph of paste class desserts have accounted for half, like almond paste, walnut paste, sesame seed paste and so on. The most unique, wants to count it pioneering coconut paste, fresh coconut shreds and coconut meat ground into juice, and hybrid rice milk boil thick paste. Program looks be like simple, actually very spend time, because coconut shreds may only a small amount of grinding, or grinding machine can't smooth operation, make the process becomes heavy and complicated. In order to adhere to the daily fresh system, coconut paste on Sunday only supply above cheesecakes are available while stocks last.

Source remember 源记

In Hong Kong, a native of old source remember. You may find Mr Tsang, Richard li, Paula, GuanZhiLin celebrities sit next to you, because they are all source remember faithful fan. Source remember older than any of us have big, it was founded in 1885, in the central area number degree move shop, then moved to western main street of Houston.

Mistletoe egg tea is the signature dessert, use the old mistletoe, more over Chen yue sweet, clay pot out sweet and not astringent, tea eggs in the lotus seed go first to the skin to core and cook for another to soft and sticky, entrance loose change extremely. The desserts not only taste good, in the middle of the mistletoe more blood tonic effect.

To tall building 地茂馆

Dessert shop opened, in the past 25 years, remained level. Every time I after also could not help but want to walk into the shop, Order a bowl lotus seed almond tea, hot porcelain cup on the table, the clerk to torn cap of thin paper, open the cover is tangy from rich almond sweet, the entry is smooth silky texture, waxy powder of lotus seed is sweet ornament. The word sweet product component many, eat a dish has sleep indifference, have thought try words, eat dinner when had better leave belly. The friend most like the sesame paste, said the taste the most powerful, the original master when processing sesame paste only 7 minutes of black sesame seed, the rest of the three points is the white sesame, because white sesame oil content more, after the Fried scent out, do not have taste. Remind you that every holiday eve, Kowloon city famous restaurants will be big long queues, alum hall dessert shop also so, had better have mental preparation.


fine paper and many other things. Besides, trees can also supply oxygen to us and make the air around us fresh. In hot summer trees give us shade and make our surroundings more beautiful. What’s more, trees can stop soil from being washed away by a heavy rain.

Unfortunately, lots of people fail to realize the importance of trees. People cut down trees in the forest for wood and more farmland. The area of the forest is getting smaller and smaller. It threatens the environment and the interest of human beings in the long run. Lack of concern for the trees has already resulted in many disasters, from which we should draw lessons.

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