最难忘的事英语作文200 最难忘的事作文400字


最难忘的事英语作文200 最难忘的事作文400字


An unforgetable experience

Last week i played basketball with my classmate in my school playground. i remember it is very hot that day, but you know,i like play basketball very much ,so they do . it is about 3 o'clock we all tired so we have a rest under a big tree. wow. it is very cool there.and then one of us said "how about to buy some drink ?"and the other one answered" it is no necessary,i have got one" oh,he has bring a bottle of water,and we share it. after that i learn that share something wiht others is helpful.


A most unforgettable matter

Lifetime make most I an unforgettable matter, be stole to eat the many colors small hot pepper, the taste of those four color hot peppers is really a hard description, making person difficult forget.

There ising a small vegetables circling at my housing down stairs is grandpa's paradise there, he will go that everyday, growing to him of the vegetable water.There is cabbage in this kitchen garden, 卜 and hot pepper.Causing my idea most was a hot pepper.What grandpa grows isn't a general hot pepper, is four colors small hot pepper.Four colors small hot pepper are a kind of small hot peppers that can change countenance, becoming a kind of color in each season, spring is a green, summer is yellow, autumn is purple, winter is red.

A day I take a walk in the down stairs, ising exactly a morning of Saturday of autumn at that time.Saw the small hot pepper of inside when I walked to this kitchen garden, very purple, look very delicious.Wish:Does wearing the 么 purple small hot pepper difficult way would also be hot?The affirmation can eat well, having a kind of viewpoint then in the heart, taking off 1 to have a taste, anyway also the nobody know.

I see on all sides nobody, ran then in the past.By hand one 拽 , the side tooked off down.I can miss a baby, run toward the house.Came home, see nobody, just trusted.Then, put to chew into the mouth the hot pepper once washed with water, don't chew never mind, a chewed to was out of order .Immediately, tongue, larynx be like to to spray fire, hot of I could not say words.I run to the faucet ex- big to start to drink water greatly and oscularly.This just order, have never thought these four colors small hot pepper to compare another hot pepper hot and last decuple.

This is I a most unforgettable matter.








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The most unforgettable experience of my lifeAs a student ,I don’t have any great event to talk about ,but here I want to share my experience of preparing for the high school entrance examination.During the first three years of junior school ,we were very happy and free .But we often heard that Grade 4 would be a hell. After the final exam of Grade 3 in June, everything blew onto our faces : teachers’ changing , harder and harder texts , terrible pressure and of course the graduate exam .Where your position was on the listboard became the most important thing in our life .We had to study hard day and night ,always from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. the next day. But I must say that it’s really an unforgettable memory in my life. Under the pressure we lived our life to the fullest, and enjoyed the true interesting things that we may have never cared before. Grade 4 in junior school was a turning point in my life. My attitude to learning, my world outlook and my philosophy of life all changed. I turned to be positive and strong. I also gained many people’s true & pure friendship, both teachers ’ and classmates’. In some way, I like that kind of life, as it taught me many things I’d never learned before.Teachers also helped me a lot. I still can’t forget that my history teacher talked to me until 10:00 p.m. on April 30th, 2003, for my application. My head teacher also encouraged me, so did my Chinese teacher. I should say, all my teachers worked very hard and always neglected their sleep and meals. Even if some of them were about 50 and often fell ill, they never left us one day .The last and greatest challenge was of course the final exam, also my high school entrance exam. I felt very well and comfortable except my chemistry physics exams. The result proved that I couldn’t have done worse in them. But in total, my mark is O.K. So then I became a student in the best high school of Hubei Province.We, teachers and students, got together in East Lake Hotel on June 4th, 2003. At the moment of saying goodbye, I felt that my time of junior had gone ,and my senior time was coming .Today, I looked at my graduate photos again ,and ,I smiled .He once hesitated ,struggled, feared and doubted, like an ordinary man would do. But he just "stays at the door of fate", as the name of his newly-written book says, and waits till the door opens instead of leaving during the half way. Then there comes a wholly new world where the beautiful dream lies .


An unforgettable thing(一个难忘的事情)

Last summer holiday.An unforgettable thing happen on my body.(去年暑假。一件难忘的事情发生在我的身上)

My parents and I had a trip at the beach.Suddenly,I saw a man threw the rubbish on the ground.Then he turned his body behind me.I saw that something on his back:The China travel service.I was surprised.I walked to that rubbish and picked it up.I put them to the trash can.A number of foreigners to me a thumbs-up.I was very happy.(我的父母和我在海边旅行。突然,我看到一个人把垃圾扔在地上。然后,他把他的身体背着我。我看到一些在他的背上:中国旅行社。我很意外。我走到那些垃圾,并把它拣起来。我把它们放进了垃圾桶。一些外国人对我竖起了大拇指。我非常高兴。)

I can not forget that thing.I'm proud.(我无法忘记那件事。我很自豪。)


That one day, I must go to the Luohu young people palace school English. Has been on vacation from school, past 10:00 I move toward station there to go by car, joy scenery middle school that station is left over me also to have several male in there also in and so on vehicles.

as soon as 238 automobiles come, two men rush immediately. I slowly ground, because I do not like with others snatching the position. Behind two men push behind me. Front that two men said to the driver: “here may not need to throw the coin? On our body does not have the pocket money, how to manage?”I was thinking at that time: Is how so bothersome! 238 are originally throws the coin! Also spoke that many idle talk.”I in middle am pushed by the around two people have not gasped for breath. Suddenly, has a hand to flee in my pants pocket to want to steal the thing, I thought immediately they are a group, they are the pickpockets. I put out a hand immediately that pickpocket's hand which hits my pants pocket, he receives immediately. At that time, frightens me half dead. The driver knew that they are a group, therefore the driver is called them to walk loudly, front two pickpockets are willing to walk. I am pushed finally, as soon as I board judgment looking at I who the entire vehicle's people use curiously to feel sorry. After I sit down, has an aunt to ask me: “what did you have a moment ago by the pickpocket were stolen away?”I said: “not.”I put out a moment ago in the pants pocket wristwatch which traced. Then, I said: “they thought that my wristwatch are the handset, the drum drum, they only then pay attention to me, which pickpocket traced my pants pocket time a moment ago, I immediately retracted.”Aunt said: “you are luckily intelligent, otherwise the wristwatch are not willing to let off continually.”Gets the home, I will tell me this matter the family member, daddy also teach I certainly to call loudly next time.

Evening, sleeps time. Thought is dug up by the pickpocket, I am pleasantly surprised, is saved from death likely such happiness.






I thought that this is returns deeply profoundly in mine head

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