七上英语作文范文80词 七年级英语作文80词


七上英语作文范文80词 七年级英语作文80词


My last weekend

Last weekend , it was a good day and a bad day . Here is the good news . I went to the park with my brother . They were very nice : the blue sky , the green trees , the red flowers and many fish . It was a windy day , I flew kites with my brother . We were very happy !

Here is the bad news . Suddenly my kite flew away . I ran and found the kite . Oh , here was the kite ! We saw the kite in the lake . We were very sad . It was bad luck !

That afternoon , my uncle came to my home . He bought new kites for us . We saw the kites and felt excited ! Oh , it was good luck !


Learning Chinese just like learning other language, is hard work so if the foreigners wants to learn Chinese well they'd better spend lots of time on it every day and take every opportunity to practice using Chinese. If they take Chinese course, they should listen to the teacher and take notes carefully in class,review what is learned regularly, prepare each lesson carefully before class, do our homework carefully, copy good sentences and reciting them. What's more,If they can, they'd better listen to Chinese programs and read Chinese magazines and books. I am sure if they study hard and have good ways of learning Chinese, they will learn it very well.


题目:Success Belongs to the Persevering-坚持就是胜利

Nothing can be more exciting than success to a man. But you must face many difficulties before you can succeed. No one can make it easily. And it's harder for those who are in adverse conditions to succeed. However,everything has two sides. Just as someone said, in every adversity there lies the seed of an advantage and in every defeat there is a lesson showing you how to win the victory next time. The most important forus is to establish a brief, that is perseverance. The British ex-prime minister Winston Churchill had a motto of "Never, never, never, never give up . Nothing can substitute for hard work. Life is a process of struggle for success.

题目:I Hope...-我希望...

Every time I come home from school, I see several children sitting beside the road and begging. I don't know where their parents are. How coldhearted they are! Every time I will think so. Those children are just of the same age with me. It's the age for school. But they can't. It seems that no one cares for them. How I hope that their parents come and bring them home. If their parents are really too poor to send them to school, then I hope the whole society will help. They can go to the Hope Project.

意思: 每次我放学回家,都会看见几个小孩坐在马路旁边乞讨。我不知道他们的父母是谁。他们多么狠心呀!他们差不多跟我一样大,也是上学的年龄了,但是他们不能。似乎没有人关心他们。我多么希望他们的父母能带他们回家啊。如果他们的父母真是穷得不能送他们去学校,那么我希望整个社会能够伸出援助之手。他们可以求助于希望工程呀。

题目:晚饭后-After Supper

After supper, my father leaves the table fight away and starts to water his dear flowers on the balcony every day. He takes his sprayer in his hand, appreciating their beauty and smelling their fragrance. Sometimes he smiles at the flowers, as if he is talking with them. Mom washes the dishes, cleans up the floor and at the same time singing Beijing Opera. Sometimes she stops to ask me how I do in my school. After supper, I play the piano for two hours. What a happy life we live.

题目:I Love Autumn-我喜欢秋天

I like autumn. I love the falling leaves in autumn. They cover the ground with golden yellow. When you walk on them, they rustle beneath your feet, just as if they are singing to you. I know trees get ready for their next year's rebirth by doing this, so I enjoy them without any sad feelings. The fields in autumn are fruity. People are easy to have good mood in a harvest season. So can't autumn sights bring happiness to us as well?

we and internet generally speaking, students will benefit a lot from internet. people can get lots of useful information through the internet quickly ,no matter it is national or throughout the world. we can also listen to the music and chat with the friends far away.the most important of all is that we can search many foreigners who speak english as their native languge, which can help us improve our enlish rapidly.we can send email to our good friends in a few seconds---with the internet your friend don't need to wait for so long time as receiving a letter as before. but it also can spread many side effects.for example ,there are some sexy news and pictures on web which will not do good to teenagers. and there are some games that can easily attract the students and even make you addict to the games so you can waste a lot of valuable time. on the whole it will give you both good and bad things, the thing matters much is how do you make use of it.


1. My good friend

I have a good friend. His name isTom. He is tall and handsome . He likes playing basketball and table tennis. He is good at swimming,too. He is kind and friendly. He is always ready to help others. So he can always get on well with us. He is interested in playing chess. When he is free, we often play basketball or chess.

2. Our school

Our school is very big. There are two big teaching buildings. There are more than 5 hundred students and eighty teachers in our school. There is a modern library and a big playground. There are beautiful trees and flowers. Our school is alwasy clean and tidy. I like our school very much.

3. My school day

I am busy when i am on my school day. I get up at six in the morning. After reading Engllish for about ten minutes, I have my breakfast. I go to school at 6:50 and class begins at 7:30. We have a morning class, four classes in the morning and four in the afternoon. Class is over at 5:10. I get home at about 6:00. After dinner, I do my homework and read some books.

4. My family's weekend

Weekend is the happies time of my family. My parents and I often go to visit my grandparents on Saturday and we have lunch together. In the afternoon, we go shopping and buy lots of food,meat and begetables. On Sunday morniing, my parents often take me to the park and we have a good time there. In the afternoon, I do my homework and then we go to play table tennis. In the evening, my father often reads books and my mother surfs the internet. I finish doing my homework.

5. How did I spend Spring Festival.

Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. It usually comes in January or February. I helped my parents clean our house from top to bottom,went shopping and bought lots of food and decorated the house with colored light and flowers before Spring Festival. On the eve I helped my parents cooked big dinner a big dinner and then played cards or watched Spring Garla on TV. I also visited friends and relatives during Spring Festival. I got lots of lucky money. Although Sping Festival made me feel tired, I really had a good time during Spring Festival.

6. My friend's healthy life style

Tom is one of my classmates. I think he has healthy living habbits. He never stays up late or gets up late. He usually gets up at half past six and goes to bed at 10:00. He seldom eats junk food. He likes eating fruit, vegetables and he likes drinking milk. He often washes his hands in time and brushes his teeth at least twice every day. He drinks enough water and he neither smokes nor drinks. He does enough exercise every day. He often goes for a walk for about half an hour in the evening and plays basketball with his friends on weekends.

都是自己的习作,祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*), 或者你可以从“我的回答”中去找你所需要的作文,我最近所写的作文比较多

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