八下英语句子翻译 用英语翻译这些句子。初二下册


八下英语句子翻译 用英语翻译这些句子。初二下册


1.Predicting the future can be difficult. 预测未来可能是困难。

2. One of my sisters is going to London next month.我的一个姐姐下个月会去伦敦。

3. He predicted people would live to be 200 years old.他预言人们将活到200岁。

4. It will be difficult for a robot to do the same things as a person.让机器人和人做一样的事将会困难。

5. There are already robots working in factories.这里已经有机器人在工厂工作。

6. I might even keep a pet parrot! 我甚至会养一只宠物鹦鹉!

7. At the weekends, I’ll be able to dress more casually! 在休息日,我将会穿得很随意!

8. There are many famous predictions that never came true. 有许多著名的预言没有实现.

9. He thought that computer would never be used by most people. 他认为电脑绝对不会被大多数人使用.

10. Japanese companies have already made robots walk and dance. 日本的公司制造出了可以走路和跳舞的机器人.

11. They do simple jobs over and over again. 他们反反复复的做一些简单的工作.

12. We never know what will happen in the future! 我们不能知道将来会发生什么!

Unit 2 What should I do?

1. I just found out that my friends were planning a birthday party for my best friend.我刚发现我的朋友在为我最好的朋友准备晚会。

2. She also says that these children may find it hard to think for themselves when they are older. 她也说这些孩子大一点时将发现自己独立考虑是困难的。

3. My clothes are out of style. 我的衣服过时了.

4. You could give him a ticket to a ball game. 你应该给他一张球票.

5. I need to get some money to pay for summer camp. 我需要一些钱来支付夏令营的费用.

6. Everyone else in my class was invited except me, and I don’t know why. 我们班除我之外的任何同学都被邀请了,我不知道是什么原因.

7. I can’t think what I did wrong. 我不知道我做错了什么.

8. I’m very upset and don’t know what to do. 我很烦恼,也不知道该怎么办.

9. They take their children from activity and activity, and try to fit as much as possible into their kids’lives. 他们带他们的孩子从这个活动到那个活动,尽可能的适应孩子们的生活.

Unit 3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived?

1. You can imagine how strange it was! 你可以想象它是多么的不可思议呀!

2. I followed it to see where it was going.我跟着它,看看他将要去哪里。

3. While Linda was buying a newspaper at the train station, the dog got out of his box and ran away。当Linda在火车站买报纸的时候,狗从箱子里钻了出来,跑开了。

4.Even the date has meaning to most Americans.甚至这个日期, 对大多数美国人都有重大意义。

5. Not all events in history are as terrible as this.并不是所有的在历史上的事件都像这样糟糕。

6. This was one of the most important events in modern American history.这是在美国现代史上最重大的事件之一。

7. Beijing was made host to the 2008 Olympics.北京被选为2008年奥运会的主办者。

8. I was very surprised when it went into a souvenir shop. 我很惊奇地发现他进了一家纪念品商店.

9. Isn’t that amazing! 那不是很了不起吗!

10. Liu Xiang won the gold medal at the 2004 Olympics. 刘翔在2004年奥运会上获得了金牌.

11. People often remember what they were doing when they heard the news of important events in history. 人们经常会记得历史上一些重大事件发生时他们在干什么.

12. School closed for the day, and Robert and his friend walked home together in silence. 学校那天放假,Robert和他的朋友在沉默中一起走回了家.

Unit 4 He said I was hard-working.

1. Lana said she wasn’t mad at Marcia anymore, Linda说她不再对Marcia恼火了。

2. What happened on “Young Lives” last night?“年轻一代”昨晚播放了什么?

3. It all started when she asked me if she could copy my homework.这一切开始于当她问我她是否可以抄我的家庭作业。

4. I had a really hard time with science this semester。这学期我的理科学起来真的很吃力.

5. I was sure she would get over it.我确信她能够克服它。

6. You were supposed to meet at the bus stop this morning.你被要求今天早上在汽车站见面。

7. I can open up my students’ eyes to the outside world.我能打开我的学生们对外界的视野。

8. Do you want me to pass on any messages? 你想要我帮你捎口信吗?

9. I hope that grandpa is well now. 我希望我的祖父现在身体健康.

10.She said helping others changed her life. 她说帮助别人改变了她的生活.

11. Every year they send 100 volunteers to teach in China’s rural areas. 每年他们都会输送100名自愿者到中国的农村教学.

Unit 5

1. If you become a professional athlete, you’ll be able to make a living (by) doing something you love.如果你成为了一名职业运动员,你可以靠做你喜爱的事业来谋生。

2. This is a great chance that many people do not have.这是一个很多人都没有的机会。

3. If you are famous, people will watch you all the time and follow you everywhere.如果你出名了,人们将会一直关注你,到处跟踪你。

4. Many professional athletes get injured.很多职业运动员都受伤。

5. And if you become rich, you will have a difficult time knowing who you real friends are. 如果你变得富有了,你会很难了解谁是你真正的朋友。

6. I want you to remember the rules for school parties. 我想要你们记住学校聚会的规章制度.

7. If I become an athlete, will I be happy? 如果我成为一名运动员,我会快乐吗?

8. They were happier before they became rich and famous. 在成名之前他们更快乐.

Unit 6

1. How long have you been collecting shells? 你收集贝壳有多久了?

2. There are many trees on each side of the street.路的两边有许多树。

3. I have a big globe with bears in it.我有一个有熊在里面的大玻璃球。

4. If you know anyone else who collects them, please tell me.如果你知道别的什么人收集他们请告诉我.

5. There is no room for me to stand. 这里没有我站立的空间了.

6. I’d like to start a snow globe collectors’ club. 我想组建一个收集雪花球的收藏家的俱乐部.

7. Thanks for sending me the snow globe of the monster. 谢谢你寄给我这个怪兽雪花玻璃球.

8. The more I learn about Chinese history, the more I enjoy living in China.我学中国历史学的越多,我就越喜欢住在中国.

Unit 7

1. Would you mind turning down the music? 你介意把音乐调小吗?

2. Could you please not follow me around? 你可不可以不到处跟随我.

3. I should try not to be so polite.我试着不要太礼貌.

4. Standing very close to the person you are talking with is quite common in some Asian countries. 站得和你谈话的人很近在亚洲国家是相当正常的.

5. If we see someone breaking the rules of etiquette, we may politely give them some suggestions. 如果我们看见有人违反规则,我们可以客气地向他们提出一些建议.

6. People don’t usually like to be criticized. 人们常常不喜欢受到批评.

7. I’ll ask you if I need some help. 如果我需要帮助的话我将请求你.

Unit 8 What should I get my mom?

1. Why don't you get her a scarf?= Why not get her a scarf?你为什么不给她买条围巾呢?

2.Dogs are too difficult to take care of..狗太难照顾了.

3.Later,the same gift may be given away to someone else.随后,这份礼物可能会被送给别的什么人.

4.In the USA, some people ask their families and friends to give money to charity rather than buy them gifts.在美国,一些人们叫他的亲朋好友捐钱给慈善机构,而不是叫他们买礼物.

5.This kind of contest encourages people in China to speak English.这种比赛鼓励中国人踊跃学说英语.

6. it is a good idea to have fun with English.充满乐趣的学习英语是好主意.

7.Some of these singers were able to sing English songs just as well as native singers.这些歌手中有的能把英文歌唱得和以英语为母语的人唱得一样好.

8.Maybe you could even make friends with a native speaker of English.也许你还能与英语本族语的讲话者交朋友.

9. What a lucky guy! 多么幸运的家伙啊!

10. Now she’s too big to sleep in the house. 现在她大得不能住在房子里了.

11. Studying English songs helped her win the prize. 学英语帮她获得了大奖.

Unit 9 Have you ever been to an amusement park?

1.Have you ever been to an amusement park?你去过游乐园吗?

2.The boats take different routes, but they all end up in the same place.这些船行驶着不同的路线,但它们都在同一个地方结束.

3.For many Chinese tourists, this small island in Southeast Asia is a wonderful place to take a holiday.对于很多中国人,这个在东南亚的小岛是个度假的好地方.

4. more than three quarters of the population are Chinese. 3/4以上的人口是中国人.

5.You won't have any problem finding rice, noodles, or dumplings.你会不费劲地找到米饭,面条或饺子.

6.Whether you like Indian food, western food, or Japanese food, you’ll find it all in Singapore!无论你喜欢印度食品,西方食品,还是日本食品,你都能在新加坡找到!

7.A lot of animals only wake up at night, so this is the best time to watch them.很多动物仅仅在晚上醒来,所以这是观察他们的最好时间.

8. You can choose to go whenever you like!你可以选择你喜欢的任何时间去

9.One great thing about Singapore is that the temperature is almost the same all year round.新加坡的一个优点是那里一年到头的温度都相同.

Unit10 It's a nice day, isn't it?

1. It’s a nice day , isn’t it?

2. There is a bird flying in the sky, isn’t there.

3. Tom has never been there, has he?

八年级英语下短语集(Unit9 and Unit10)

Have been to(去过) Have gone to(去了) all over(遍及) end of(结束) in the same place(在相同的地方) in different places(在不同的地方) hear of(听说) wake up(醒来) be asleep(睡着) be awake(醒着) so much fun(如此有趣) think of doing=think about doing(考虑做某事) what other job(别的什么工作) whether...or...(不管...还是)far from(远离) whenever=no matter when(无论何时) close to(靠近) take a temperature(量体温) at night(在晚上) during the daytime(在白天) have problems in doing(毫不费劲地做某事) three quarters of=three fourths(四分之三) take a holiday(度假) a quarter past six=six fifteen(6点15分) Not yet还没有(现完标) take the bus to sw(乘汽车去某处) take a taxi to work(乘出租车去上班) travel around=travel round(到处旅游) have a wonderful time(玩的很快活) practice doing 练习做 choose to do 选择做


have a good day!祝你有愉快的一天 come along 出现 get along well=get on well 相处的好 be careful to look both ways 注意要往两边看 at least 至少 at most 最多


What's up ? 怎麽了? too personal 太私人化 not creative enough 不够有创意 too ... to =so ... that ... can't 太...而不能... in different ways 用不同的方式 an 80-year-old grandmother 一位80岁的祖母 advantages and disadvantages 优缺点 such a pet 这样的宠物spend with sb 与某人呆在一起 enter = go into 进入 have enough time to do sth 有足够的时间做某事 too many gifts 太多的礼物 may be given away to 可能被送给... rather than 而不是 be modest 谦虚 buy them gifts =buy gifts for them 买礼物给他们 improve their English =make their English better 提高他们的英语 across China =all over China =around China 全中国 have fun with English 愉快地学习英语 make progress 取得进步 take an interest in 对...感兴趣 six months earlier 早在六个月以前 enter a contest 参加比赛 encourage sb to do 鼓舞某人做 take an interest in 对----产生兴趣 make friends with--- 与---某人交朋友 make progress 取得进步


not at all一点也不 in a minute=in a moment 一会儿以后 return the book=give the book back 还书 turn down 调小 turn up 调大 turn on 打开 turn off 关上 wait in line=join the line排队等候give me the wrong size 拿错尺寸给我 cut in line 插队 have a long telephone conversation 长时间的打电话 follow me around 四处跟着我 get back to sw=return to sw返回 get annoyed 气恼 annoy sb 使…某人气恼be polite 有礼貌的 try not to do 试着不做某事 a bit late=a little late 迟一点 one and a half hours ago=one hour and a half ago 一个半小时以前 close to 靠近 keep…down 把……压低 feel uncomfortable 感到不舒服 talk loudly 大声讲话 be not allowed 不被允许 even if即使 It’s best for you to do=You’d better do 你最好做 in public places=in public 在公共场合 take care not to do=be careful not to do 当心做某事 break the rules 违反规则 put out that cigarette 熄灭香烟 drop litter 扔垃圾 pick it up 捡起它one of the most polite ways 最礼貌的方式之一 cut in front of you in a line 在你前面插队 like to be criticized 喜欢受到批评 do the dishes 刷盘子 in our own homes 在我们自己的家里

be difficult.


1.Do you think there are some robots at home ?

2.In 100 years ,every thing will be free.

3.The book  will no longer on the paper.

4.I think children will study at home on the computer.

5.People will be alive for 150 years .because there is less polution.

6.People  will use the car less.

7.The city will be bigger and more crowded.




write a reply to

without saying goodbye to

are surprised at...unexpected

prepare what...for

looking forward to having


亲爱的们、用下面的词组帮我造句、谢了。fall in love with go skating be able to come true in the future hundreds of keep up call sb. up out of styleon the phone pay for take salethe same as in style get onall kinds of on the one hand on the pther handbarber shop get out take off train station Beijing International Airportcome in hear about take piace World Trade Center first of all pass onbe supposed to haed-working do well in in good health report card get over sea level open up care forhave a great time take away clean-uparound the world make a living all the time play football run out of by the way be intererted in far away



1 There are somthing wrong with my watch!

2 There are nothing lefft after the fire.

3 Is everyone here today?

4 He has somthing important to tell you.

5 There are something strange in the sky.

6 Can you give me somthing to eat?

7 Why not drink somthing?

8 I ate nothing yesterday!

9 Do you have somthing to tell me?

10 I can do nothing for this!

11 He asked that if there were somthing wrothing with the radio.

12 I was very hungry,so that I need anything to eat.

13 I have nothing to eat.

14 He almost ate nothing!

15 Not everything with shine is gold.

16 Not everyone all like sports.


1 Do you want some more soup?

2 He need more book.

3 Excuse me, can I drink more soup?

4 I want eat one more apple.

5 I can not afford more money.

6 How much time do we spend more?

7 He made more progress than others.

8 This test is more hard than which we learned first.

9 Can you please run more slowly?


1 Did he say anything else ?

2 can I do something else for you?

3 Do you have sothing else to say? No,I don't.

4 There must be someone else in the next door.

5 What did you do else yesterday afternoon?

6 Did you travel else place?

7 What else place do you go?

用how about 或what about翻译

1 How about drinking something?

2 What about go shopping ?

3 How about hosting a party for your birthday?

4 How about going to watch a film?

5 What about this film?

6 What about you?

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